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  7 year old Isaac Schaaf took $12 from his piggy bank to
help Lutheran Churches in Mexico repair damages to
their church buildings as a result of the earthquakes last
  You can help too! Please consider taking $12 from your
piggy bank to “match” Isaac’s. The piggy bank will be
making appearances around Grace Church during Lent.
Oink oink, oink oink OINK! (pig talk for “God Bless YOU!”)





Lutherans in Mexico have a vibrant calling

   Faith Lutheran Church in Guadalajara, Mexico wholeheartedly celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with a magnificent program put on by the children of the congregation. The play was a detailed retelling of the life of Martin Luther including all the main characters of the birth of the reformation. This little boy was Brother Martin! A couple dozen characters participated, and the Sunday School teachers created wonderful sets for the play. For this congregation, and all 13 congregations of the Lutheran Church in Mexico (Iglesia Luterana en Mexico), there is urgency about Lutheran theology and history. Because our Lutheran friends in Mexico are such a tiny minority in a sea of Roman Catholic and evangelical fundamentalist churches, it is vitally important that they know what they believe, can enunciate it, and can embrace the risk that comes with it. With that clarity comes strength and hope.





  In Mexico City there are a few Lutheran communities clustered together. Pastor Angie Trejo Haager is pastor of one of them. Not only does she serve a small Lutheran congregation, but she is also dean of the Augsburg Lutheran Seminary of the Lutheran Church in Mexico within the ecumenical protestant Theological Community of Mexico (Comunidad Teológicade México). This seminary supports theological education for Lutherans throughout Latin America.



Disaster and recovery in the heart of Mexican Lutheranism 


Mexico City experienced a powerful earthquake just over a year ago. Casualty counts were unrealistically low because much of the damage and loss of life occurred in poor neighborhoods. All the Lutheran church buildings in Mexico City were damaged. Pastor Angie serves her impoverished congregation receiving no salary. In addition to Word and Sacrament ministry she is working within her small community to support women as they struggle against abuse and a setting that is rife with drugs and prostitution. She also intensely teaches her people about what being a Lutheran is and means.

  Another congregation in Mexico City has a pastor who works also as a ballerina and dance instructor, again, working alongside a faith community on the forgotten edges of life and poverty.


  There is much we can learn, and much we can share. But it begins with a commitment to be together in accompaniment.

  The Mexico City communities are struggling to repair their buildings after the earthquake. They have asked for our assistance. We have initiated an effort to offer that assistance. Your conference dean can share with you more about that particular invitation.





                              Becoming a companion synod walking with one another by faith


  Our little brother Martin Luther and our sister Pastor Angie are two witnesses to the faith that are confidently working, loving, and ministering in Mexico. These communities want to be in relationship with us in Northwest Ohio as mutual and equal partners. We are working toward formalizing a companion relationship. We are not replacing the relationships we already have in Serbia and Tanzania. We are adding to them in ways that will strengthen all the companionships. We hope your congregation and your conference will commit to our Mexican brothers and sisters as companions in our common walk of faith.



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