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An Easter message from ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton

Pastor Steve Bauerle of Zion, Waterville, OH.  welcomes you to the Year of Prayer

and challenges you to study the prayer life of Jesus.


By Pastor Kurt Myers


 On Saturday evening, Pastor Tim and Mrs. Diane Sonnenberg spoke of their work as volunteer teachers during six visits to Tanzania and Kenya. An attentive audience remained glued to their presentation given at Grace Lutheran Church.
 Pastor Tim noted that the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania has more members than all the Lutheran synods combined here in the United States. This is due in part to the utter sprit of joy in knowing Jesus that radiates from the pastors, seminarians, and other leaders in this African Church. This also helps offset the influence of traditional religions, ancestor worship, sorcery, and witchdoctor activity. Many of the students whom Tim has taught walked away from professions that were lucrative by their country’s standards in order to serve Jesus for a pittance.
 Diane spoke passionately about the trials and tribulations facing women in Tanzania. As an example, she spoke of Amani who at age 13 was forced to marry a man 42 years her senior. She was not considered a mother until she had borne her first male baby. In the event that her husband dies, she will lose everything; perhaps even herself, to one of her husband’s male relatives. Most dramatic was the revelation that although it is officially illegal in Tanzania, female mutilation is forced on most of the country’s girls when they are five years old. The law isn’t able to keep up with what goes on out in the remote villages.
 A woman of the audience asked what it will take for these terrible practices to be given up. Tim responded that such correction cannot be imposed from the outside. The Tanzanian people themselves have to realize and come to terms with these blemishes on their culture. Slowly, God is leading them toward more wholesome views of life, dignity, integrity, compassion, and justice.

 Chili Cook-Off raises over $500 for the Makumira Seminary Students from Dodoma, Tanzania

 Members of the Grace Global Mission Committee sponsored a chili dinner and cook-off on Saturday March 17. Over 40 people were treated to a spectacular spray of 9 types of chili that were entered into the contest for judging. Prizes were awarded for 1st place, 2nd place, and people’s choice. Mary Schneider’s “creamy” entry took 1st place and the people’s choice, while Wendy McCall’s “spicy” took second place. Thanks to all who entered their chili concoctions for judging.

 Proceeds from the evening will be sent to the students to help with their expenses. Each of them is making a substantial sacrifice in order to attend seminary. They have given up the income from the jobs they had, have to fund their living expenses while away at school, and are separated from their families during the school year. Hardships they endure to become better servants to the Lord and their community. Please keep Pastor Edda Mbwambo, Pastor Judith Sumbe, Gershom Ngewe, and Dickson Nyato in your prayers as they continue their educational journey.

 Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this event successful. Of course we want to thank Pastor Tim and Diane for presenting the program, all those who contributed chili for the cook-off, the volunteers who cooked, decorated, and hosted the event, and to all of you who attended. We couldn’t have done it without you!



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