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Table of Contents

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            A. We All Know About Noah and the Flood, or Do We?

            B. The Garden of Eden and the Tower of Babel

            C. The Bible Is the Inspired Word of God

            D. The Bible in English: A Multi-Century Journey

            E. Why Compare Different Translations?

            F.  Who is Jesus?

            G. Does God Change His Mind?

            H. Continuities in the Bible

            I. Disagreements About the Epistle of James

            J. The Story of the Bible in 179 Words

            K. From Tree to Tree

            L. What’s in a Word?

                M. Translating Biblical Hebrew into English


 The weapons,

rusted and unused on the field of battle,

lay at the foot of the hill.

The warriors bold, when questioned,

parroted those gone before,

“Unknown remains untouched.”

Then darkness fell.

The path up the hill,

dim lit, unseen, remained.

And God, still loving, looked down.

R. Haaf

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