Gesundheit!  Achoo! Sneeze!

Rally Day Flower Cross September 12, 2021

Oops! I forgot my flowers for the Flower Cross. Gretchen brought in Goldenrod for those who forgot and along with Bob Haaf everyone is sneezing like crazy.

To avoid sneezing and stuffy noses don’t forget to bring in flowers for the Flower Cross!

The Flower Cross will be at the entrance to the Sanctuary so that you may add your flowers as you come in for worship. The cross will then be moved to the front to grace our Rally Day Service.

The Flower Cross will also be moved to the Chapel for service and more additions of Flowers.

Some flowers other than Goldenrod will be available but it is so beautiful when we have a variety with all the colors.

So, avoid the “sneeze” and bring your flowers!