Dear Brothers and Sisters,

From the Call Committee, we are pleased to announce on Tuesday, April 13th, our Mission Site Profile (MSP) draft was approved by Church Council.  We worked very hard to come up with the best representation of Grace on paper (web profile) and I am proud of the team for our accomplishment.  Our next step is to get this posted to the ELCA website which will be completed around May 1st.  After our MSP is posted to the website, the process can begin for pastors to view Grace’s profile for the open position.  Any Pastors who show interest in Grace, will first be screened by the Bishop and if approved will be forwarded to the Call Committee for consideration. 

Finishing the MSP is just the start for the Call Committee.  Our next task is to formulate interview questions for potential pastors and practicing interviews with other local pastors.  The Call Committee would like to request the congregation’s participation – if anyone has any specific questions they would like us to ask a potential pastor, please send them our way.   One may do this by either emailing the Grace office:, emailing me:, or talking to a member of the Call Committee or Transition Team.  We eager to hear from you.

Lastly, once the interview process does start – like any interview process – this must be kept confidential.   The Call Committee will still provide monthly updates on what we can.  We thank you for your support and prayers and look forward to seeing you all in person soon.

Kindest Regards,

Ryan Moore