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Operation Christmas Child: A Tradition at Grace

  I know it seems too soon to be getting ready for Christmas, but Operation Christmas Child needs your help now. Following the recommended donation schedule below helps ensure the continued success of Grace's participation in this worthy project.

 Collection boxes are located in the outreach room next to the sacristy. 

March: Toothbrushes  

April: Combs and/or Bar Soap - Ivory Preferred 

May:  Small Toy 

June:  Individual pack tissues , Pocket or Purse Size and/or Glue Sticks

July:  Crayons, and/or Sharpeners  

August: Scissors and/or Markers 

September:  Erasers and/or Colored Pencils 

October:  Small Notebooks, Coloring Books, Pads of Paper, Small Books 

November:  Monetary Donations using the multi-purpose envelopes marked for collection during service. Be sure                             to mark the envelope "OCC" or "Operation Christmas Child" or stop in the office during business                                     hours.  It costs $9 to send each box.



                                             SHOP ON AMAZON? DONATE TO GRACE!
  With a few keystrokes, a portion of your purchase can be donated to Grace (same Amazon products and prices). Click on the following link and you won't have to search for Grace, you'll go right to supporting GLC:



  Please check your Kroger receipts to see if GLC is getting credit for your purchases through the Kroger Community Rewards Program. Kroger Community Rewards are in addition to your regular Kroger Rewards and will benefit your Grace Community. You can go to:  to register online or to check your account.               Contact Cindi Charles if you have any questions about this program.


The Faith Community Nurse (Parish Nurse) Office Hours

  Wednesday: 9:00am - 2:00pm, Thursday: 9:00am - 12:00pm or by appointment: contact Gretchen Hiatt

    1. Counseling members on health related issues including review of medications.
    2. Accompany members to doctor’s offices or hospital as requested. Provide support to family during surgery as requested.
    3. Conduct classes on health issues to individuals of all ages as requested or identified.
    4. Help members to get needed health services or equipment.
    5. Provide members with referrals to resources in community.
    6. Create support groups within the parish as needed or requested.
    7. Provide education and training to parish staff and members on CPR, Emergency Situations, and First Aid.
    8. Visit members at home, hospital or nursing home as requested.
    9. Develop outreach programs in the community.

  Health Needs Survey forms will be available in Fellowship Hall after service or you can download it here in PDF and print it out                       yourself. Please complete and put in the designated box on Sunday or the box will be on the table outside the Parish Nurse office.

Our Help Closet

is stocked with medical and ambulatory equipment that people have generously shared with us. If you or someone you know has a need, we would be happy to share it with you.


For more information please contact the office.  




  PNM is back in business! Under the wing of Lutheran Social Services of Northwestern Ohio’s Ministry of Emergency Food and Personal Care, we are ready to accept referrals again for personal care items.

What you need to know:

1. Call an assessor at 419-243-9178 OR

2. Fax a referral to 419-243-4450

3. Referrals are still based on client’s zip code

4. Clients can access service four (4) times a year

5. Visits need to be a minimum of 30 days apart 


  We've all seen the person sitting on the sidewalk or at the off ramp onto the highway, maybe you've seen them in the park holding that sign that says "HUNGRY" or “WILL WORK FOR FOOD”. But what if that person wasn't holding a sign, what if that person was your neighbor or best friend. What if you didn't know that the person whom you talk to everyday was hungry or struggling to make ends meet, or that the only meal that their child ate was the lunch served at school each day. During the holiday season, the need is great. Children are not in school and every family should be able to enjoy a sit-down meal on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Help us help them. Collection boxes located in the outreach room behind the sacristy.

 For additional details see Bob Haaf or contact the Church Office

Contact us for more information:

Phone: 419-474-6403


Grace Ev. Lutheran Church

4441 Monroe St., Toledo, OH  43613

Office Hours: 9:00 am to 12:00 Noon Mon.-Fri.