Rejoice in the Lord always;

Again I will say, Rejoice.

~Philippians 4:4


Thank you!!

Thank you to our Grace family for supporting this year’s Spark Studio Vacation   Bible School program. Your support of the Poinsettia and Easter Lily sales  continues to allow us to conduct the Vacation Bible School program at no cost to those children attending.  We thank you for your prayers and other gifts, also. The VBS mission offering raised nearly $350 dollars for the Habitat for Humanity Faith Build. We look forward to your continued support next year as we follow Jesus through all the “Twists and Turns” of life from July 10 – to July 14, 2023. God Bless!

Ron Hiatt and Connie Thomas

Spark Studio Co-Directors


Ragtime Rick

Outdoor service

August 7

10:30 am

Followed  by breakfast

in Brenner Hall

Hope to see you there!



Fellowship Time

Thank you to all who help!

    July 31th – Contemporary team



Operation Christmas Child

August – Scissors and/or markers




A BIG thank you to

Kim who keeps

our church clean!!

Starting August 14, there will be one service only, at 9:30 am in the sanctuary,

until the Sunday after Labor Day – September 14.

The contemporary team will be back then and we will resume two services on Sundays.


Election Day Bake Sale

An Election Day Bake sale will be held on Tuesday, Aug 2 during polling hours. We need donations of baked goods, brought to church on either Sunday or Monday and placed in Brenner Hall kitchen marked for the bake sale. Money collected will go to Ruth Circle for “Christ In Our Home” magazine and outreach projects. Thanks so much for your continued support of our Mission. JoAnne Vernon Circle Leader.


Pastor’s Thoughts:

I have been reflecting on my not-quite three months here at Grace. It has been a time of worship, learning, conversation, and engagement. I am grateful for those who took the time to come to the opportunities to visit with me, as well as others who have engaged in conversation about our congregation and its ministry and witness.

I have heard much about Grace’s history. Like all congregations, Grace has had moments of joy and moments of sorrow. There have been stressful times, and times when things seem easy and the mission clear. All of these moments—all of them—make our congregation what it is. All of these moments have provided opportunities for growth as well as for assessment of who we are as Grace Lutheran Church and who we want to be.

The world has changed much since Grace Lutheran was organized. The world has changed a tremendous amount even in the past few years, as we have faced major crises such as the pandemic and its lingering effects. But I feel  tremendous potential for the Church and for Grace in these moments. The time is now to consider what ministry in our building and community will look like … taking into consideration all of the things which make Grace what it is, but also eagerly considering how Grace can witness anew in our world.

That cannot happen through the efforts of just a few. It will take a willingness from all of us to commit to discerning how we will move forward. It will take a willingness to listen to new ideas and even to try different things … and a willingness to fail at new things and try again if needed. It will take a commitment to listen to all the voices here, from the longest serving members to people just dipping their toes into congregational life.

How will you be part of the future at Grace?

In Christ,

Pastor Brenda


Help Needed

People are needed to help assemble casseroles and set-up for the breakfast that will be served after the Ragtime Rick Service.  Those that wish to help can meet in Brenner Hall on Saturday, August 6 at 9 a.m.  If you would have any questions, please contact Mary Schneider at 419.262.0730.

Food for Toledo Update

During the last two weeks 209 pounds of food have been collected for the Food for Toledo program.  Thank you to everyone who is donating to this program!  Also, on Monday, August 1, I will not be at church to collect food.  Thank you for your understanding.   Food can be dropped off in the Giving Room on Sundays or anytime the church office is open.

Behind the scenes at Grace…. By Gretchen

  1. They are off to Tennessee!! The youth from Grace, Memorial and Providence are not off to see the wizard but off to see a family who needs help with their house, help at a food pantry among other things on their Mission Trip this year. The large gathering was cancelled this year due to Covid concerns so the youth, Wendy and Debbie are working in an area that they have been previously and been very much needed. Watch for updates on their trip! Pray that they stay safe and can help others who need assistance. Pastor Brenda sent them off early this last Sunday with prayer.
  2. So, we have sent our youth off and then we will host another youth group on their way home from their mission trip this Saturday and Sunday. 13 youth and 4 advisors will be coming in on Saturday night and stay overnight and will be at first service Sunday. After service they will then make their way back to Chicago. We will be having dinner and breakfast for them. Please welcome them!
  3. WOW! You can now see the floor in the basement! We had much of the leftovers from the rummage sale and other non -working stuff we had “accumulated” over the last 2 years left with our recycling person this last Thursday.
  4. PLEASE do not forget that if there is something broken, out of something like paper towels, a burned-out light bulb, etc. to fill out the bright green sheets  located outside the church office. They can be given to Cathy if office is open or put in the mailbox. If it is an emergency like plumbing issues, air conditioning is out or it is something that if addressed early may help keep costs down call Connie Thomas – her number is on the green sheet.
  5. How Does Your Garden Grow? Please feel free to bring flowers from your garden for the altar.
  6. Have you read the Severe Weather Policy posted on the Community Bulletin Boards?
  7. We have added a wheelchair to the Sacristy and another to the closet by the bathrooms near Fellowship. These are to be used in an emergency such as Severe Weather (Hint) or Active Shooter to move people quickly.
  8. Remember: Grace is not the building but the people of Grace carrying out God’s Mission!


Healthy People! Healthy Parish!  

Active Shooter Program Reminder! 

Our program is scheduled Thursday August 4th at 5:00 pm in Fellowship Hall.  Everyone is invited and those who are the leaders or chairperson of a group are strongly encouraged to attend.

Please sign up or let the office know as we will have food and to make sure we have enough room for people and food.

Any questions please call Gretchen 419-944-5166.



Do you Know Your Numbers?


Gretchen will be doing Blood Pressures in Room 3 on August 21 and 28.

If you would like yours taken at another time let Gretchen know.


National Immunization Awareness Month!  

The month of August which is right around the corner and is National Immunization Month or” Have You Had All Your Shots Month”! Do you know if you are all caught up? Covid took the spotlight the last 2 years so there are some people who are not caught up with their pneumonia and shingles vaccines and even the flu vaccine. Much as we don’t want to think about it fall is not that far away and so is time for the Flu Shot!  At your next office visit talk with your doctor about where you are with getting your vaccines (make it easy to remember by writing it down with your list of questions you have for them).


Another Celebration for August! – Hand Hygiene (alias Wash Your Hands)


Most of us became very conscientious about good hand hygiene when Covid was at its peak, and we were not sure if it could be picked up by handling items. As time has gone on and it has been shown the virus (at least the current ones) are not transferred by touching items so some of us have slacked off on the handwashing. Good handwashing is still very important for preventing the transfer of other viruses and bacteria. Studies have shown that good handwashing can prevent 1 in 3 diarrhea – related sickness and 1 in 5 respiratory infections like colds or the flu.

The Center for Disease Control reported an extremely low rate of flu last year and one thought is that part of this was due to good handwashing!

So, we should still we washing with soap and water for 20 seconds or singing /humming 2 choruses of “Happy Birthday”!!

Hand Sanitizer is the backup choice but check the label and make sure it is at least 60% alcohol


Did you know?

Did you know that Grace has a Mutual Ministry Committee?  There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of the group because it works behind the scenes to help Pastor Brenda become more knowledgeable and comfortable with our community (which we call Grace Lutheran Church).  The Mutual Ministry Committee is an outgrowth of the Transition Team.  As the first step of the Church’s call process, the Transition Team worked from late 2019 through early 2022 and dissolved when the Call Committee was formed. After Pastor Brenda accepted the call, the Mutual Ministry Committee was formed to help her understand and work better with Grace.  The committee attempts to help Pastor Brenda understand some of Grace’s history and provides some background on different topics.  The committee has scheduled meetings with the pastor at least once a quarter or when something comes up that Pastor Brenda wants to confidentially talk about to explore solutions. Since some items are confidential, the meetings are not generally open to all members.  Keep in mind the committee makes no binding decisions as that is Council’s responsibility, but merely consults and suggests.

The members of the Mutual Ministry Committee are Ron Hiatt, Nancy Lockard, Janet Moore, and Rick Sharp.  If you have questions about the committee, you can ask any of the committee members, or ask Pastor Brenda.



This is the day the Lord has made.

Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

~Psalm 118:24