Therefore my heart sings to you without ceasing;
                             O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever. 

                                                                                                  Psalm 30:12


One service Sunday June 30 at 10:30

followed by a short congregational meeting followed by a potluck!


Pastor’s Thoughts:

So much is happening in our world. Elections and politics. Conversation about the economy and the environment. Wars. Violence. Hunger. Celebrations and commemorations of groups of people and historical events. We often seem to be confronted with misunderstanding, hatred, and a general climate of unrest and fear.

Global, national, local, and personal events and experiences have compelled us—perhaps even forced us—to consider how we look at the world and the people in it. How do we feel about issues of sexuality? What are our thoughts about those who are not Christian? Where do we stand on gun control and gun rights? What are our opinions on immigration? These questions can make us uncomfortable and can challenge us to broaden our horizons, even as they push us to listen to those whose opinions and attitudes may be different from ours.

As humans, we have strong emotions and thoughts around these topics. Our thoughts and feelings are deeply rooted in our history, our faith, and our previous exposure to the people and ideologies in question. Opinions are good, and we have the right to share them and stand behind them.

However, when our opinions become the platforms for excluding others—from a family, from a group, from a community of faith, from jobs—then we are in danger of causing harm, harm that can at “best” be emotional, and at “worst,” physical.

Our faith, the faith that calls us to love as God loves us, does not preclude us from deeply held thoughts and opinions. But our faith does call us to engage in dialogue that is respectful, loving, and open to the opinions and beliefs of others. Such dialogue is tough; it can be emotionally charged and can push us to look deeply at who we are and who we are called to be. Such conversations move us to ask: “What would the world be like if we remember that it is—no matter what—God’s world, and that God has concern and love for every human being?”

This may not lead us to change our opinions. It may not lead us to a complete understanding or acceptance of those who are different from us. But it should, it must lead us to a place where we can listen with intention and be gentler and more loving with those around us. Let us remember that Jesus sat down with whoever needed him, regardless of what society had to say about them. In fact, Jesus sought out those who had been marginalized by the people around them. If this is the model we are given by our Lord himself, who are we to do any differently?

We all have a need for compassion. We all have a need for forgiveness. And we all need the boundless, deep, unfathomable grace and love we receive from Jesus Christ. If we can live in that reality, we may be better able to live in this world and relate to those around us in meaningful, affirming ways.

In Christ,

Pastor Brenda


The Readings for Sunday June 30, 2024

Lamentations 3:22-33

Psalm 30

2 Corinthians 8:7-15

Mark 5:21-43




JULY 8 – 12

5:30 PM – 8:00 PM


Each fun night will begin with a light supper together.

The ADULTS will attend a fun Bible Study with Pastor Brenda.

The KIDS will dive into exploring BREAKER ROCK BEACH – and learn about God’s rock-solid truth in a world of shifting sands.

Everyone will meet up again later in the evening for crafts,

games, music, and worship!

Our final night of VBS will be an outdoor ‘bonfire” where we will roast hotdogs, have s’mores, play games, and “sing around the campfire”!

Make sure you mark your calendars!

Keep watching for more updates and ways to register!

All are welcome to join in the fun!


 by Vicar Dave

One of the things that Jesus wanted for us is a sense of community. You can find evidence of that throughout the Gospels. One of the places where that is most    evident is in the command that we love one another as he has loved us. Another is when Jesus says that whoever does His will is His brother, sister or mother.

I recently read an article from the Telegraph by Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York, titled “We must learn the lessons of the Lord’s Prayer”. ( ) In that article, he argues that one of the most powerful words in that prayer comes at the very beginning and is repeated several times. “Our”. It’s rather profound, when you think about it. Jesus told us to pray to “our” Father. Not “His”. When we recite that prayer, and we use the words “our Father”, we’re making a statement we, all of us, are family, because we share the same Father. When we ask God to “give us this day, our daily bread”, we’re really asking God to take care of everyone! It’s not just feed me.

What kind of a world would it be if we really lived out the words of the Lord’s Prayer? If we really tried to live in the community the Jesus wanted for us? I don’t think we’d instantly fix all of the world’s problems, but we could make more of a dent in them. Imagine a world where we cared for and tried to provide for people we’ve never met in the poorest neighborhoods in the world. Or people who’ve been oppressed for generations and don’t even know what it’s like to live in a free       society. Or folks who struggle with mental illnesses on a daily basis. Or people who’ve known nothing but crime and violence their entire life and find themselves stuck in a revolving door prison system. When we call on “our Father”, they are part of that “our”.

Jesus loves us, all of us. He wants us all to be family. From the wealthiest and most powerful, to the poorest and the most disenfranchised.



Thank you to all who have been working to beautify the grounds of Grace! 

From the courtyard to the outdoor Prayer Chapel to the gardens and landscaping around the church – everything looks AMAZING!

Your hard work and sweat is very much appreciated!


Potluck Following 10:30 a.m. Service and Congregational Meeting June 30

A potluck will be held following the Contemporary Service and Congregational Meeting on June 30. Hot dogs will be provided. Salads, sides, and desserts are needed to complete the meal.  Please come join your friends and family at this opportunity for summer fellowship! 


Behind the scenes at Grace……by Gretchen

  1. Thanks to Connie and her “magic juice”, and her attention to watering all the geraniums and pots and frogs of flowers are blooming like crazy despite the heat. A little chipmunk fertilizer is helping too although I am not sure Connie would admit it with her ongoing battle of “Skinny Tail” chipmunk vs hole in planter next to the office !
  2. Thanks to Mike the sidewalks have been kept clean from all the branches and stuff blowing with the wind. We also have him to thank for picking up all the trash around the church!
  3. Burrito Blessing 419 will be in full swing this Saturday! We will still be out front with the burritos and food items, but the building will take place in Fellowship Hall due to the Interfaith Blood Drive in Brenner.
  4. The place will be hopping this weekend!!!
  5. We also had a traumatic event this last week – no humans were involved but one of squirrels got a little rambunctious and lost their balance and came   flying out of the tree and landed hard on the ground. Per the office he looked like he had a broken leg but climbed back up in the tree. We don’t know if he is OK or not but we have added another squirrel to the bunch – he must know where the good stuff (peanuts) are.
  6. Remember to check the Community Boards as new stuff appears!
  7. So, like the flower beds around church – are yours blooming? The Flower Chart looks rather empty for the summer – how about bringing in some of your beautiful blooms to grace the altar on Sunday??
  8. Remember: Grace is not the building but the people of Grace carrying out God’s mission!



Six Gestures of Morning Praise

By Joyce Rupp

Each morning when I arise I begin the day with these six gestures.  I join spirit and body in praising the Holy One and offering my thanks for life.  As I do the gestures, I say a one-line prayer and then remain in that posture for a brief time.

1:  Offering the Creator praise and gratitude:

Stretch your arms high and wide above your head.

I thank you, Holy One, for the gift of another day of life.

2:  Intentionally being aware of my spiritual bond with all of creation:

Hold your arms out from your sides, a little below shoulder height.  Move (pivot) to the left and right with your arms stretching outward toward the    cosmos.

I reach out in compassion to my sisters and brothers throughout the universe.

3:  Offering my life to the Holy One:

Stretch your arms out straight in front of you, slightly apart. Palms up.

I give to you all I am and all I have.

4:  Opening to accept what the Holy One offers me this day:

Pull your hands close together and cup them as a container.

I open my entire being to receive the gift that you have waiting for me on this new day.

5:  Remembering to be kind to our planet Earth:

Bend over, reach down, and touch the floor, or better yet, the ground, if you are outside.

I touch this planet, earth, with awe, reverence, and gratitude, promising to care well for her today.

6:  Awareness of the indwelling presence of the Holy One:

Stand up, cross your hands over your heart, and bow to the waist.

May I be united with you throughout this day, aware of your love strengthening me, and shining through me.

From Out of the Ordinary: Prayers, Poems, and Reflections for Every Season by Joyce Rupp


A big THANK YOU to everyone who donated

and supported the Grace Cooling Center!

There was a need and Grace responded!

An AMAZING testimony to the mission of Grace to



This is the day the Lord has made.

Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

~Psalm 118:24