Wait for the Lord and be strong.

Take heart and wait for the Lord!

~Psalm 27:14


Did you see Bob Haaf’s piece in last week’s newsletter?  I thought it was pretty good.  He asks a couple of questions: first, “Is it enough just to believe in God, or in Jesus, or in the Holy Spirit—that is, ‘consider to be true’ without ‘assured reliance?’”, and then, “Why does the Apostles’ Creed stop with believe?,” rather than saying “I believe and trust in God … Jesus Christ … the Holy Spirit”?

If “believe” means “consider to be true,” as Merriam-Webster says, then it is clearly not enough just to believe in God.  James 2.19 says, “You believe in God?  Big hairy deal.  So do the demons.”  (Not the exact wording.)  But “believe in” can also mean “be wildly enthusiastic about.”

There is a Model A club that sometimes meets in our building. These are people who have great enthusiasm for Ford’s successor to the Model T. The Model A was produced from 1927 to 1932, and was hugely popular, with more than four million of them being sold.  Checking briefly online, I found that you can get one for as little as $15,000 or so, but most cost more like $25,000. I suspect that keeping one running would require serious effort, too, since, except for the valves in the inner tubes, and maybe the spark plugs, not many of its parts could be replaced at the local auto parts store. (Do they still sell 6 volt brake light bulbs?)

Someone who would put enough money and effort into a Model A, a car that isn’t really useful as a car, to keep it running, must be seriously smitten. Both that person and I believe in Model A Fords, but in very different ways.

I believe in Model A Fords: I consider it to be true that Model A Fords exist.

The member of the Model A Club believes in Model A Fords: He (or she?  Or are women too level-headed for this?) thinks of a Model A Ford as something worthy of devotion.  It’s something to invest a lot of money, and time, and energy in.  It’s something that, if it disappeared, would leave a big empty place in his heart.

The Apostles’ Creed was written by people who thought about God the way the most fanatical, over-the-top Model A enthusiast thinks about his car.  Or cars, probably, if he’s been at it for a while. They didn’t believe in the Father, and Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit the way I believe in Model A Fords. They believed in God the way one of those club members believes in Model A Fords.

And that kind of belief includes trust, so I think Bob is right about the trust part, too.

What do you think?

~Pastor Howard


Fellowship Time

Hope to see you between services on Sunday in Fellowship Hall!

March 13 – Contemporary Team

March 20 – Grace Peterson, Debbie Downs

March 27 – Wendy McCall, Debbie Fallon

April 3 – Brenda Holderman, Joyce O’Brien, Janet Moore


Lent at Grace

by the Worship and Music Committee

The theme for Lent at Grace is hands, how God’s hands and Jesus’ hands were used in the Bible.

Services on Wednesdays will be held in the Chapel at both 12 noon and 7 p.m.  At the 7 p.m. service the Holden Evening Prayer will be sung.

On Ash Wednesday we learned how God’s hands are writing: “Behold, I have graven you on the palms of my hands”, Isaiah 49:16. The word graven here means etched, written.

The topics for the remainder of Lent through Maundy Thursday include:

March 9:   Guiding hands
March 16:  Giving hands
March 23:  Lifting hands
March 30: Washing hands
April 6:  Saving hands

April 14, Maundy Thursday:  Taking, Breaking, Giving hands

Please consider attending these special Lenten services to prepare for the celebration of Easter!



Bob Haaf

Church doors that are separated from potential worshipers by steps clearly say, “Children of God with physical limitations are not welcome here.”


2022 Easter Egg Hunt

The Grace Easter Egg Hunt was started almost 25 years ago as a small activity for the children that was held in Fellowship Hall. It quickly grew to the point where it was moved to Brenner Hall. As attendance grew, new activities were added.


This ministry became a function of Worship & Music Ministry with the main volunteer base coming from choir support. As the Easter Egg Hunt became more and more popular, involvement expanded to the congregation in general. In 2020 Covid caused us to give this ministry a pause.

Given the event really isn’t the ministry of Worship & Music, the recent loss of several key organizers, the magnitude of effort required, the number of volunteers needed to run the Egg Hunt; it has been decided to cancel this year’s event.

Many feel the Easter Egg Hunt Ministry is important to Grace and the Community, but for it to continue in 2023 and beyond, the congregation will need to increase its support as planners and volunteers. Provided the necessary volunteer base becomes available, Christian Education and the Outreach Ministries, will work  together to make it happen.

Planning for the 2023 event will need to begin soon. If you have a heart for the Easter Egg Hunt, please call the office so we can start to develop a volunteer list specifically to help with this event.


Thanks in advance for your consideration,

Connie Thomas – Christian Education

Ron Hiatt – Outreach


Grace Anatomy

The season has ended! To check your knowledge a quiz is being developed and will be put out by the credenza by the office on Thursday March 3. No cheating allowed – so no texting, hand signals, Morse code, eye blinks with Mr. Bob Haaf. Please place your answer sheet in Gretchen’s mailbox in the Sacristy.

Official winner (s) will be announced on April 1.


Red and You!!!

Most of us like the color red as it is the color of Hawaiian Punch, red wine, apples, good for you Salmon, cinnamon red hearts and Swedish Fish and red pop!

We can enjoy some of these every day and even though some are not very nutritious.

How about donating blood on April 1st so as many as three other people can enjoy all that wonderful red food!!

We have appointment time open – you may schedule yourself on the Red Cross Website or call them or call Gretchen 419-944-5166 to schedule.


Behind the scenes at Grace….by Gretchen

  1. Boy did we have fun! The Shrove Pancake Dinner this last Tuesday was a blast. Great food thanks to Sue Melchert (Kitchen Boss/Manager) and the Pancake Flippers Ron Schneider and Walter (Chris) Schulisch. The pancake bar was wonderful – you think of it – it was there! It was great to see everyone. The kids had a blast with the balloons and the tinsel – we were celebrating Mardi Gras so tinsel and balloons in shades of yellow and green were on the tables. What a great way to start the season of Lent!
  2. We have a cleaning crew. They are just starting and learning the ropes, nooks and crannies at Grace so please be patient. It will take several visits so they can get caught up and have an established pattern. If you notice something that needs and extra check, please let Gretchen or the office know by note put in the office door mailbox, email or phone call Monday through Friday.
  3. We are going to be putting out some garbage cans for recycling. They will be labeled. So what goes in them?
  • Empty water or pop bottles with caps on (Our Recycler Machines in Toledo only recognize them with caps on).
  • Pop cans and food cans that are clean.
  • Clean plastic containers – like those cookies come in.
  • Cardboard.
  • Papers like newspaper and magazine type stuff will have a separate container and it will be labeled.

This is a way to help the earth!

  1. The Youth Hugeamongous Rummage sale is coming the end of April – watch for details.
  2. Spring Cleaning!!! We are hoping by doing some spring-cleaning spring will come sooner?? We are placing some items on the table in Fellowship on some Sundays “Free to a Good Home” so check out the goodies.
  3. Cardboard – if we have a large amount that needs to go to the recycler it will appear on Sunday outside the Sanctuary. Thanks to all who took some last time as it really helped clean up the basement.
  4. Are you a puzzle wizard? We need a wizard at matching up keys with locks. We have 2 bunches of keys with minimal writing on them and the Office would like to know what opens what. If you meet the job description of being a wizard and can spend at lest an hour (probably more like 2) let Cathy know. There is no payment other than the victory of finding the correct keys for the locks and probably a trip to the candy basket.
  5. Spring is definitely coming – there was the fattest ever chipmunk staring in at us on Sunday during worship and the hyacinth tops can be seen in the flower bed by the office.
  6. Sue Wagner gave an awesome Children’s Sermon this last Sunday to all of us big kids. It was on using your cell phone and prayer. Check it out on U-tube. A great point was on how important prayer is and that we can pray anywhere, any time and even when driving (of course don’t close your eyes then). 1 Thessalonians states – Pray Continuously.

10.Have you checked out the Blood On The Move Board? It is really interesting to see how far our blood has gone! If you donate and have received and e-mail from the Red Cross with a destination, please email Gretchen so it can be added

gretchensue1205@gmail.com or text her at 419.944.5166

11.Remember: Grace is not the building but the people of Grace carrying out God’s mission.


An idiom

It’s raining cats and dogs!

This can be traced back to the 1500’s when pets often took shelter on thatched roofs, and when it rained heavily, the roofs would get slippery and the cats and dogs slid off, making it “rain” cats and dogs.


H.E.L.P. Closet  

The Parish Nurse will be away from the church March 11- March 25. If you have a need please contact the office as there is someone who can assist you.


More love, more power
More of You in my life
More love, more power
More of You in my life

And I will worship You, with all of my heart
I will worship You, with all of my mind
I will worship You, with all of my strength
For You are my Lord


Spring and Tornados

Grace has a new policy on severe weather which includes severe thunderstorms and tornados. The goal is to keep the parish members and guests safe.

So, what do you need to know?

When a Severe Thunderstorm Watch is issued be aware that this can change suddenly to a Warning.

Remain inside the building.

Move away from windows and skylights in case of flying objects and broken glass.

Do not use landline phones or plumbing as the lines can be conductors of electricity and cause electrocution

When a Tornado Watch follow procedure above for Severe Thunderstorm Warning. A Tornado Watch can quickly change to a Tornado Warning.


Rooms without windows are the Sacristy, Graceful Giving Room, the men and women’s bathrooms close to the big church, the coatroom across from the office, the hallway from the office down towards Brenner, the men and women’s bathroom next to Brenner, and the storage room in Brenner.

The basement of the Chapel -the door to the basement across the back of the Chapel.

The basement across from the office.

If you are unable to move to a room without a window lie down on floor under pews or tables and protect your head with hymnals, personal belongings, etc.

After the storm

Do not leave the building until 30 minutes after you last hear thunder – UNLESS YOU SMELL GAS or there IS a FIRE then leave immediately.

DO not return to the building if there is damage until cleared by Fire /EMS.

Check out these areas before it is an emergency!

*** A Severe Weather Drill will be held at both Sunday Services in the next couple of months.


First tiny signs of spring – signs of hope. Thank you, God!





Shrove Tuesday Fellowship Pancake Dinner was a success!  $271 was raised for the Good Samaritan Fund to be used by the pastor to help those in need of emergency help.

Pancake Flippers, Ron Schneider and Walter Schulish, kept the griddle cakes coming to make sure everyone had plenty of hot flapjacks all evening long.

Scott Sherer provided guitar and song for everyone’s enjoyment.

Over 10 volunteers from Worship & Music, Outreach, and the general congregation, worked together to serve over 100 meals. This event could never have been accomplished without volunteers. Planning, promoting, decorating, shopping, preparing, cooking, serving, and cleaning are all part of the work that takes place to put together an event like this.

Grace Volunteers Rock!



This is the day the Lord has made.

Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

~Psalm 118:24