I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

~Philippians 4:13

Ragtime Rick this Sunday, August 1, 9:30am.

Outside in a tent

or broadcast to Brenner Hall if you are more comfortable inside.

Join us. Brunch to follow the service.


Concrete & Cranes

Building on the Foundation of Jesus’ Love

2021 VBS Mission Offering continues to BUILD!

This year’s VBS week was another successful venture. Off to a slow start, even thinking we might not offer VBS due to existing COVID restrictions and fears, we met with office staff and Pastor Abts, discussed, prayed, and ultimately went with our trust in God that we were doing the right thing, and decided to go for it. For a number of reasons, we had less children than usual, however to the person, the VBS Staff felt it was the best VBS week in memory. Everything came together, the children were attentive, and the   program was very well received. Thanks to all who offered prayers, donated supplies, helped with financial support, and volunteered to work!  You are all awesome!  And we thank the Holy Spirit for touching your hearts.

This year’s mission offering is going to Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity. They build safe affordable home for families. They provide education with finances, basic home repair and maintenance, and make home ownership affordable by providing zero interest mortgages. Grace Church raised over $550 to help Habitat continue their work in the Toledo area!  Way to go!  We all appreciate the opportunity to “get the word out” about Habitat’s great work and support them with our offerings.

Thanks be to God, for allowing us to Bless the World, and be His Grace.

VBS Co-Building Superintendents,

Connie Thomas

Ron Hiatt


Altar Flowers

If anyone is interested in providing flowers for the altar at Grace, arrangements have been made with Meadows Florist to provide them.  The member would call Meadows Florist at 419.473.3123 and order the flowers. Arrangements cost the same as those provided by Ansted-Schuster Florist which we used prior to their closing. The member would pay for the flowers by credit card or could ask Meadows Florist if they could be billed for the flowers. The member would then call the Church Office so Cathy can place the information regarding the flowers in the announcements. The flowers will be picked up at Meadows Florist on Saturday morning by someone on Altar Guild and placed on the altar for Sunday.


Water Quality

Submitted by Grace Peterson

When you look at the water in the Maumee River, you probably don’t think it’s very clean, and that not many animals live there. But you would be wrong. Volunteers test the water for the Department of Natural Resources, the ODNR, and we’ve found that the water is fairly clean. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s  alright to drink! But there is lots of life in the water, and some of it is sensitive to poor water quality.

What we are looking for are macro-invertebrates. So, what are they? Invertebrates are animals that don’t have backbones. That covers a lot of ground, since animals with vertebrates, or backbones, are only a small fraction of the animal kingdom! Also, macro refers to animals that we can see without the use of a microscope.

These animals are divided into those with shells, and those without shells. There are several kinds of snails and mussels. The gilled snail is the most sensitive to bad water, because he gets his oxygen directly from the water. We find a lot of them!

Then we find animals that don’t have legs, such as fly larvae and midge pupa. There are worm-like creatures, such as leeches and worms. Don’t worry; these leeches do not suck your blood!

Next are the animals with legs. They range from ten plus legs to four pairs or three pairs. Last of all, we have creatures with no tail, two tails, or three tails. Whew! That’s probably more than you wanted to know!


School Supply Drive

The School Supply Drive will continue through August 1.  The first distribution  occurred on Tuesday, July 20 to our personal needs clients with children.  We are collecting notebooks, highlighters, mechanical pencils, and pens, but other items will be accepted and distributed.  As of July 20, 26 notebooks, 3 folders, 4 boxes of markers, 2 boxes of colored pencils, 52 mechanical pencils, 104 pens, 38 highlighters, 3 erasers, and 3 glue sticks. Thank you to everyone who has donated to this project. Distributions will take place on Tuesdays until all items are gone. 


Food for Toledo Update

In a three week period 185 pounds of food was collected for the Food for Toledo  program. Thank you to everyone who is donating food to this program. The food was delivered to Aldersgate United Methodist Church to distribute to those that utilize their Food Pantry. Tamara Bennett of Aldersgate informed me that 160 individuals were serviced during the month of June and she expects that there will be more individuals in the future. She also informed me that they are now able to get peanut butter and boxed macaroni and cheese free from the Toledo Food Bank to service their needs.  Their immediate needs include jelly (to go with the peanut butter), canned fruit and vegetables, and pasta and pasta sauce. If you would have any questions, please contact Mary Schneider at 419.262.0730.


10 Things we learned in VBS Concrete & Cranes 2021

By Ron Hiatt

Well, another year of VBS is in the books. We had a great team of volunteer Foremen and Forewomen and an even greater team of Construction Crew Members. Our theme for Concrete & Cranes was, Jesus! Our Strong Foundation!  And that foundation is Love.  The construction crew learned about the love of Jesus for all of us.  They learned Jesus died and was raised so that our sins are forgiven.  We learned Jesus chose Matthew the tax collector, how Paul heard Jesus’ voice and turned from persecuting believers to becoming one.  They virtually re-visited Jorge Santiago who has started One Church Comerio, in Puerto Rico.  Comerio was devastated after hurricane   Maria hit in the fall of 2017. Rebuilding and repairs are still ongoing.  Jorge has    organized a group of volunteers to help residents repair their homes, many still do not have roofs.  Then we visited Ben and Alessia Worthy who are missionary children living in Arezzo, Italy.  We learned some of the ways the Worthy Family tell others about Jesus.

The construction crew made bracelets, rock trivets, and puzzles in Bulldozer Crafts, learned how to tell others about Jesus in Excavator Missions, ate nutritious food at Food Truck Snacks, enjoyed games and exercise during Wrecking Ball Recreation and most importantly they learned the music, songs, and dance for Thursday night’s Children Program at Jackhammer.  Now for the ten things we learned at VBS for 2021….

  1. The country of Italy is shaped like a high heeled boot
  2. The guitar, piano, violin, and organ were invented by the Italians
  3. That there are over 130 different types of pasta in Italy
  4. And Italians eat pasta 5 to 7 times a week, consuming 70 pounds per person
  5. Jesus loves you even more than you love ice cream (gelato)
  6. “Gesu ti ama” means Jesus loves you in Italian
  7. The people of Comerio, Puerto Rico took action when the government couldn’t
  8. God promises to be with us always, no matter what
  9. Prayer allows us to talk with God…. And the # 1 thing we learned?
  10. That the difference between Connie Thomas and Grace Peterson, and Pastor Howard is that:

  Connie and Grace like to re-cycle,

    and Pastor Howard likes to bi-cycle……

    Have a wonderful and safe summer!

      God is Good, All the Time…………


Behind the scenes at Grace……by Gretchen
  1. Our beautiful red tail hawk has been hanging out in the parking lot, on Brenner Hall roof and the oak trees next to the office. It is huge! And no small creatures to be seen!
  2. Did you see our numerous bird baths in the parking lot? The birds have all sorts of sizes and locations to bath and sunbathe. OK, so these are only temporary and sometime this week will disappear. The holes are the precursor to getting all the potholes fixed – Yea!
  3. While Pastor is feeding the chipmunks, eating wild blueberries, reading, and being eaten alive by mosquitoes up north we can thank Bob Haaf, Fritz Gooch and Jim Bischoff for the wonderful service on Sunday!
  4. Our Ketchup group met this last Monday and thanks to Mark Camp (Linda Mason’s brother-in-law) we had a great program on the train depots located in the Toledo area. The old depot architecture was beautiful and to see huge depots downtown to very small almost outhouse size ones in Moline and Elmore. Did you know that each railroad line had a specific design for their depots? If you would like to learn more, Mark has written numerous books and they can be purchased at Boyd’s Retro Candy store.
  5. Our Ketchup group will return to every other Monday in August. We will be meeting Monday August 9th and Monday August 23rd from 11:00am -12:00 noon in Fellowship Hall. Come join us for a short devotion, treats and a short program. It is great to get together!
  6. OH My! Our fence by the exit got clobbered this last week! Hmm, someone must have thought the entrance to the expressway was sooner than it is. The exit sign is back up and our fence is being addressed.
  7. The start of schools is almost at our back door so don’t forget to help fill the School Supply Bin located across from the office.
  8. Kids will be back in school soon and healthy food is a need to help them learn. Our food collection on Monday continues and is still an important need. Thanks to Mary Schneider for manning the collection area on Mondays.
  9. Up and coming the next Blood Drive at Grace is scheduled for Friday October 15th from 2:00 pm -7:30 pm. If you did a single unit in June or a Power Red (double unit) in April, you could give again. The Red Cross is still in a crunch and every unit helps at least 3 people so please sign up to donate. It is a great way to give back. You can sign up at redcrossblood.org. to donate.
  10. So, start eating spinach!
  11. Don’t forget your favorite recipes for the Community Bulletin Board – the zucchini are coming; the zucchini are coming!
  12. Remember: Grace is not the building but the people of Grace doing God’s mission.


Live While You Are Alive (Author Unknown)

The earth has its music for those who will listen (George Santayana) “I think this includes our loud cicada’s, too”

People who wear uncomfortable clothes have always been uncomfortable to be around. (clothes designer Tommy Hilfiger -age 70)


Women of the Evangelical

Lutheran Church in America


Northwestern Ohio Synodical

Women’s Convention

September 10-11, 2021

Heritage Inn

Sauder Village

Archbold, OH

If interested contact call Elaine Conley at 419.625.0373. Deadline for registering for hotel rooms is August 5, 2021. Deadline for registering for the Convention and meals is August 23, 2021


On to the next bug that is coming!

Yes, it is the flu looking at us from around the corner! Have you checked with your family doctor as to when you should have the vaccine?

Getting ready for a Doctors Visit

**** Write information down before your visit – this is so important as we often get  anxious and forget some of our most important questions or information!!! And don’t forget to take it with you!

  1. Make a written list of your concerns and prioritize them. Do you have a new symptom that you want to ask about? When can I get my flu shot? Are you concerned about how a treatment or medication is affecting your daily life? If you have more then a few items put them in order. Have the most important first.
  2. Plan to update the doctor. Let the doctor know if anything has happened since your last visit. Have you been to the Emergency Room, seen a specialist? Have you had any changes in your appetite, weight, sleep, energy level, vision or hearing? Don’t forget to let them know if you have had a change in medications or the effect you have had with them.
  3. Take information with you. Bring a list of all your prescription drugs, over the counter drugs like Tylenol, vitamins and herbal remedies or supplements and include the dose and how often you take. Be honest with what you take – if you use CBD cream let the doctor know. Make sure you update the list and take it every time you go to the doctor – even if your regular doctor. Take your insurance cards. Have a list of all the doctors you see and their phone numbers. If you have copies of tests done and they are new take that with you. The more up to date information you have the better.
  4. Make sure you can see and hear as well as possible. If you wear glasses or use hearing aides make sure you take them with you. Let the doctor know if you cannot hear or see what he is showing you. Don’t be afraid to tell them you don’t understand – or that they are talking too fast.
  5. Consider bringing a second set of eyes and ears. Often this is helpful as they can bring up things that you may have forgotten, can take notes and help remember what the doctor has said. If you need some time alone with the doctor let the person accompanying, you know.

Making Your Time with the Doctor Valuable

  1. Be honest. It is tempting to say what you think the doctor wants to hear but it is not in your best interest. Your doctor needs all the facts to suggest the best treatment for you.
  2. Use those concerns that you prioritized to ask questions. You can tell the doctor what you need to discuss at the beginning and then go through the points.
  3. Stick to the point as much as possible. Give the doctor a brief description of the problem, when it started, how often it happens, and if it is getting worse or better.
  4. Share your point of view about the visit. Tell the doctor if you feel rushed, worried, or uncomfortable.
  5. Remember the doctor may not be able to answer all your questions. He may refer you to a specialist or need to do additional testing.



This is the day the Lord has made.

Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

~Psalm 118:24