Show me your ways, O Lord,

                                                      and teach me your paths.

                                                                                          ~Psalm 25:4


This Sunday!

July 10 Outdoor Contemporary Service

On Sunday, July 10, an outdoor Contemporary Service will be held at 10:30 a.m. outside of Fellowship Hall.  After the service lunch will be served. 


Our mid-week services are continuing through the summer.

If you’re unable to make Sunday services, or would just like an extra service, please feel free to join us on Wednesday’s at 7:00 in the chapel.

It’s very informal, so come as you are.

We hope to see you sometime soon.



This is a reminder that you may see activity Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays in our classrooms. This is the Children’s Rights Collaborative of Northwest Ohio.  They are now working out of our building.  The are using room number 6 as a full-time office, and are sharing 7 of our classrooms for select hours 4 days a week.  CRC is a twenty year plus charity that schedules meetings between non-custodial parents and their children.  They are using some of our classrooms for these meetings.

Most of these parental arrangements are court ordered and most are parents who just could not get along.  The thought is, and your Church Council agreed, that   allowing children and a non-custodial parent to have a regular relationship with their children is beneficial to all involved. Many of the meetings are monitored by CRC staff or will involve a “drop-off” of the children so that divorced don’t have to see each other. The specific times that CRC will see clients in our building should not impact any Grace activities.  The times will be Sundays from 2pm to 8pm, and between 5pm and 8:30pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Keep in mind their usage is limited to classrooms, which are usually empty at those days and times.

CRC is also looking for volunteers if you would like to be a meeting monitor. They have simple training available.  See Rick Sharp if you have questions or wish to volunteer.


Operation Christmas Child

July – Bar Soap – Ivory preferred and/or pencil sharpeners


Opportunities to meet with Pastor Brenda

These times are a good opportunity to visit with Pastor, ask questions,

and share your dreams for grace!

Sunday July 10 after worship

Tuesday July 19 at 9:00 a.m.

Wednesday July 20 at 6:15 p.m.

Sunday July 24 after 9:30 a.m. worship


Active Shooter Program Reminder!

The Active Shooter Program is scheduled for Thursday August 4th at 5:00pm in  Fellowship Hall.

We don’t want to think anything would ever happen at Grace, but we need to be prepared and aware of what we need to do should it happen.

This is open to all members of Grace and is strongly encouraged for all those who lead groups, usher, Sunday School and VBS, etc.

To plan on space, food and any handouts please sign up on the sheets located on the Community Bulletin Boards. Any questions see /call Gretchen Hiatt



Behind the scenes at Grace ….by Gretchen

  1. Things are revving up for VBS! Posters are up and forms to file out for kids attending are out. The Directors are doing almost a daily huddle and are getting the staff lined up. Don’t forget to get your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews and even neighborhood kids signed up! This will be a wonderful designing Week!
  2. Oh – don’t forget to hold the Thursday of VBS for an Ice Cream Social and the program!!
  3. Have you noticed that they are a few months late, but the Easter Lilies are blooming in the garden next to the office!
  4. The chairs and banner have been put away for now but please don’t forget to pray for the people (children) of the Ukraine as well as others!
  5. Thanks to funds from Fellowship Fair the Ladies bathrooms by Brenner and the big church are almost done with their make-over! Check them out next week!
  6. Oh, the moles are tunneling all over everywhere. Please be careful when walking on any of the grass as you can bet, they have left a tunnel! We don’t want anyone to fall and or twist their ankles. If anyone knows of a “mole chasing” animal like the dogs who chase the geese, please let us know. So far, the Red Tail hawk has been too lazy.
  7. Thanks to Rick Wood for doing lawn and stairwell trash pick up – it is greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks to John Orozco for our weekly Panera treats for Personnel needs and other groups – we are getting spoiled! We all need to walk 3000 more steps after the treats!!!
  9. Just a reminder – trash bags go in the dumpster out in the parking lot. We are not recycling at this time so please take any cardboard and or other recyclables to your favorite recycler!
  10. Remember: Grace is not the building but the people of Grace!!!!


Healthy people! Healthy parish!

Can’t live without it!  We have not received much rain over the last couple weeks, and we have had 11 days over 90 degrees so far! Ouch!

Please don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink water and electrolyte drinks like Gatorade. Caffeine drinks do not help with keeping you hydrated nor do alcoholic beverages.

Although it is not a drink watermelon is good to eat as it is mostly H2O!

Stay in the shade or a cool area during the peak heat hours from 10:00am -2:00pm.

Wear light colored, loose clothing and make sure you apply sunscreen and wear a hat .

Did you know that if you shorten your shower by a minute or 2 you save up to 150 gallons of water a month!

Keep a pitcher of drinking water in the fridge instead of running the faucet and this way every drop goes down you and not the drain!


Do You Know Your Numbers???

Blood pressure checks in classroom 3 on 7/17 and 7/31!

If you would like your Blood Pressure

checked at another time let Gretchen know.


Just an IMPORTANT Reminder!

Active Shooter Program Thursday August 4th at 500 PM in  Fellowship Hall. Please sign up on the Community Bulletin Boards.


JUST another reminder!

Do you know what to do if we have a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and /or Tornado Warning??? Information is posted on the Community Bulletin Boards. We will be having a practice drill in the future!


For when you are afraid of change …

The more you adapt, the more interesting you are.

For when you are tempted to stick to the old ways …

Without an open mind, you can never be a great success.  (Martha Stewart)


Worship Notes:

Some of the things which we do, say, or see each week in worship can feel familiar, even as we might not remember why they are a part of our Sunday time together. And so, from time to time, I will offer some information about the “whats and whys” of worship. I hope you find these little “nuggets” interesting!

Since we began our ministry together in May, I have been asked a few times about the “cape” I put on during the Offering at the first service. This garment is called a “chasuble,” and it is a vestment worn by pastors for the celebration of Holy Communion. It is always in the color of the season ( so it will be green until the end of October!), and the flowing nature of the chasuble represents the outpouring of God’s grace among us through the Meal.

Pastor’s Thoughts:

There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male or female, for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to the promise.—Galatians 3:28-29

As many of you know, Ron Hiatt and I recently traveled to Serbia on behalf of the Northwestern Ohio Synod to take part in the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Slovak Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Augsburg Confession. We were there just over a week, and it was a time full of sights, people, congregations, worship, hospitality, and learning. Ron and I hope to put together a presentation for you to see, but for now I would like to share a few initial thoughts.

One of the clearest ways I experienced God’s grace and love was through the people we encountered. As we traveled around, as we worshiped, and as we ate together and enjoyed fellowship, the Holy Spirit was truly at work! Even though we often communicated through a translator (I was blessed to preach twice on 26 June via translation from English to Slovak—more on this in another writing), often no words were needed. Just being in the company of others who know the love of Jesus and are committed to witnessing in his name was connection enough … and allowed us to enjoy the time together as sister and brothers in Christ. The verses from Galatians 3 I quoted above took on new meaning for me, as we simply enjoyed the common bond we have … that we are all beloved children of God.

Serbia is a place rich with history, and its people have experienced much, both joy and sorrow. Although Serbia is predominately a country of Orthodox Christians, the Lutheran Church is a strong witness in cities and small towns, making Christ known in a unique way. Congregations range from 5000 members (often all the Lutherans in the community) to much smaller groups; there are large church buildings and tiny ones  … but all witness with enthusiasm. Hospitality flows freely, as people are eager to share about themselves and the congregations, and to show visitors a little about their part of the world and the Church.

Next week, I will share a bit about our worship experiences and our time in a few congregations …

In Christ,

Pastor Brenda



This is the day the Lord has made.

Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

~Psalm 118:24