Those who find their life will lose it,

       and those who lose their life for my sake will find it.

                ~Matthew 10:39



Bless the World! Be God’s Grace!


Contemporary Service Sunday
June 25 at 10:30 a.m.
in the Sanctuary
Potluck to follow – bring a salad or dessert to share
Faith and Fellowship!


“Be still and know that I am God.”

Be still and know that I am God.

Last Wednesday evening, June 14, at 7:00, a group of 10 of us here at Grace gathered in the outdoor chapel in the middle of the parking lot for worship and prayer.

Be still and know that I am………..

The sun was out – it was a very pleasant 70 degrees – there was a breeze – there was a lot of traffic noise from Monroe Street and the expressway.

Be still and know that I………..

Pastor Brenda read the scripture – gave a short meditation – prayed.

Be still and know that…………

She asked us to close our eyes and concentrate on the Bible verse from Psalm 46 verse 10.

Be still and know…………

As I closed my eyes, felt the warm sun and the breeze, I relaxed. I no longer heard the traffic but felt strongly the presence of God.

Be still and…………..

God is always with us – He is still in control no matter what is going on in our lives.

Be still………….

Quietly closing our eyes and listening to God in this way – helps us to re-center – refocus on the one who is God.


Then we can walk with God – we can walk in the love, the joy and the peace that he has for us. No matter what is going on in our lives we can still experience all of this in the presence of the Lord. Thank you, God.

“Be still and know that I am God.”

~Psalm 46:10



Sunday Fellowship Time

Sunday June 25 Potluck

July 2nd – Brenda Holderman- Cindy Wood


Operation Christmas Child

In the month of June we are asking for donations of marbles and/or chalk. They can be dropped off in the Giving Grace Room or to the office during the week.



Prayer Breakfast: Another Opportunity on 15 July!

Prayer is vital to who we are as followers of Jesus. It gives us a place to share our innermost thoughts with God, and a way to listen to what God is trying to tell us.

Lets’ gather again for a time of prayer and fellowship on Saturday, 15 July at 9:00 a.m. at Wildwood Metropark!

We will use this time to practice natura divina,  in which we contemplate images in nature to assist us as we seek to connect with God in prayer. There will be an opportunity for a brief walk, as well as opportunities for those who do not wish to walk. We will spend some time in prayer, and then enjoy a light breakfast and conversation.

Details about where to gather will follow. For now, please plan to join us! If you would  like to bring a light breakfast item to share, that would be wonderful.

A sign up sheet will be available in the back of the nave.




Meditation on Matthew 10:24-39

By Vicar Dave

Being Jesus’ disciple is not an invitation for glory. It is an invitation for sacrifice and suffering in the presence of powerful opposition. Jesus never promised us an easy life if we become his disciples. In fact, being Jesus’ disciple is one of the hardest things we can do.

When Jesus walked the Earth, it was dangerous enough that the local authorities killed Him for His teachings. After that, when Jesus had returned to the Father, and the Apostles began spreading Jesus’ message, they were also persecuted, some of them even being martyred in the process. Today, we are told that some countries like North Korea or Iran still persecute religious minorities, including Christians, but here, in the US, we don’t have this sort of problem.

So, what does it mean for us to take up our cross and follow Jesus? I doubt that any of us will be in danger of losing our lives simply by confessing Jesus as our Lord and Savior. But if we’re serious about following Jesus, does that necessarily mean a life of suffering? Taking up one’s cross might simply be bearing the burdens of this life, whether they be heavy or light. Perhaps it means struggling to get in the front door of our church because you have mobility issues. It could be someone who has autism who spends the time and puts forth the effort to read the Bible so that they can receive God’s word, as well as the people who love and support them making their efforts more productive.

Taking up our cross does not mean that we are to provoke persecution or seek martyrdom. They will come naturally when we expose evil, challenge power, demand change or undermine the status quo. Persecution will come naturally when we do what Christ asks us to do. Telling the world that they’ve given sin respectable names and need a Savior doesn’t go over very well, particularly when the people we are addressing are convinced of their own righteousness. People don’t like being told they are sinners. Think of the divide that we have in politics today. Both sides like to think that they are the only ones that have everything correct. If you disagree with their interpretation of current facts and events, they are happy to, figuratively, drag you out into the public square (social media) and have you ridiculed and eviscerated. There are even some that will call for violence in the real world. And lots of these calls do not go unanswered.

There are some in this country who consider themselves so righteous, that they want to attach their political views to Jesus Christ. They call themselves Christian Nationalists, a rather ironic name, if you ask me, because Jesus did not come to rule a nation, but to usher in the kingdom of God, which will be nothing like any nation we’ve seen to date. Try telling one of these Christian Nationalists that they are in need of repentance and look at the reaction that you may get.

Perhaps being willing to enter the debate and to speak about topics that will be controversial in our time is how we can take up our cross. Perhaps, taking up our cross is as simple as playing the cards we are dealt and remaining true to our faith, seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we go along.


If you have something you’d like to see in the newsletter, please send it to the office no later than Monday morning by 10:00 a.m. Thank you.

Behind the scenes at Grace …by Gretchen

  1. WOW! What a selection of donuts this last Sunday! Donuts for Dads was a sugar high success. You name the flavor and we had it! Thanks to all who brought in donuts!
  2. The other WOW! The Bell Choir is back, and they were totally awesome! You could tell they were concentrating and were very intense! We even have new members on the Bell Choir! Thanks to Nancy and Kim for leading the group! It was wonderful!
  3. Check out the puzzle in the back of church -this is totally a group effort in working together!
  4. The Burrito Blessings 419 outreach is on its way. If you are interested in being part of the construction crew, see Gretchen, Pastor or Mary. Our first Burrito Building Day is Saturday July 29th at 10:00. We will be giving out  Burritos from 11:00 -12 noon.
  5. Remember: Grace is not the building but the people of Grace Carrying out God’s Mission!


You cannot unsay a cruel word.


Every path has a few puddles.



Healthy People! Healthy Parish!


National Eat Your Vegetables Day!

No kidding it really is another holiday!

June is not only the beginning of summer but also the opportunity to start eating fresh veggies!

Eating veggies have all sorts of benefits – minerals (calcium iron, magnesium, folate, potassium, sodium, Vitamins A&C),  great sources of fiber (nature’s broom ) and antioxidants. In other words if you are not eating veggies you are missing out on all sorts of good stuff for your body and being healthy!

Research has shown that eating a diet with veggies may help lower heart disease, help with diabetes, help build bones, and may even fight some forms of cancer.

The great majority of us do not get enough veggies so can we sneak them in?

  • Think rainbow – the more colors you get the better and who doesn’t like bright colors to cheer you up. Carrots, beets, tomatoes (Yes Pastor Brenda – tomatoes really do taste good and are good for you), green beans.
  • The American Heart association encourages you to fill half of your plate with veggies and fruit.
  • Word of caution – putting tons of sauces and butter /margarine don’t help with the benefits – use small amounts if you must. It is good to try without stuff and really taste the veg. Try some spices – oregano, basil, and maybe a little thyme -start little pinch first.
  • Try stuff. That weird vegetable may come to be a favorite. Try new veggies with kids and grandkids.
  • The goal is to sneak in 3-5 servings a day – includes cooked and raw vegetables!
  • You can add all sorts of vegetables to soup, stews, omelets, even vegetarian burritos. Veggies can also be added to a smoothie – think better than V-8 in a glass.
  • Farmer’s Markets are back for the summer. Go check them out as they are probably the “most freshest” other than going out in your own garden! Not only veggies but fruits too!
  • How about a “Meatless Dinner” – vegetarian is good and adding beans, brown rice, to a wide rainbow of veggies is good – experiment! You can also add nuts and seeds – peanuts, walnuts!
  • Remember to rotate the vegetables in the refrigerator – new one in back and older ones up front.
  • Tomatoes should not go in the fridge – they are better stored at room temperature!
  • Don’t forget to give all veggies a good wash before eating them!

Help make us a Healthy Parish by eating Healthy !


Pastor’s thoughts:

“But ask the animals, and they will teach you; the birds of the air, and they will tell you; ask the plants of the earth, and they will teach you; and the fish of the sea will declare to you. Who among all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this?” –Job 12:7-9

I have loved bicycles since I was a little girl. When I was 5, I started asking (pestering) my parents for a “real” bike. I received my first two-wheeler for my 6th birthday, and by the 4th of July I was pedaling everywhere I was permitted to ride, with my red, white, and blue handlebar streamers blowing in the wind.  I had a bike basket with flowers on it, and a little horn. I was, as they say, all that!

I loved the sense of independence. I loved the feeling of moving solely by my own power. I loved going faster and farther than I had before. I still love these things. I love the different kinds of bicycles I own, and the different kinds of rides they can take me on. I love rides on my own, and I especially love rides with Gail, when we can experience this simple joy together.

Sometimes, however, I get distracted by the metrics: How far today? How fast? How did I do pushing against the wind? I compete with myself to see if I can do better than the time before.

Pushing myself a bit isn’t bad a bad thing. But sometimes I think I miss the forest for the trees, and forget some of the things that make riding a bike so wonderful; the warmth of the sun, the feel of the ground beneath the tires, the smells and sounds of outside, and the glory of the fields and the flowers. Those things are easy to miss at 20+ miles an hour.

Lately I have been trying to remember to open my eyes and my ears on rides. I have been trying to look beyond my odometer and speedometer to see the world as I roll by. Things look different from a bicycle, and the view can be amazing. I have been trying to notice what God might be calling me to see and to hear on my rides.

I realize that there are other places in my life where I need to set aside  measurements and statistics. Days can quickly become consumed with one task  or activity after another and with checking things off of a list. It is easy to miss the moments of beauty and grace—the brief moments of conversation, the moments of awareness of the beauty of Creation, the moments of shared connection with another human being who is also on the journey of life. It can be easy to miss glimpses of God in the midst of busyness and routine.

Where might you slow yourself down in these summer  days to appreciate wonder and beauty? In these pauses we might feel Creation’s beauty in a new way. We might actually see the people we interact with, and notice where they are in their journey. We might see God …  reminding us of grace, love, and beauty. We might hear  a call to share these things with someone who is moving too fast to notice them.

May God open our eyes and ears in new ways in this season. And may we be refreshed and strengthened for the journey!

In Christ,

Pastor Brenda


Just a Reminder ! 


We just experienced a total (so far) of 9 tornadoes in the Toledo area! The season is here and the time to be aware!

Do you know where the safe places at church are?  Take a look around!

The Severe Weather policy is posted on the Community Bulletin Boards – please review it!


The Bell choir played last Sunday! It was wonderful! Thank you, all!



Choose Joy!


Adult Classes

Sunday                     June 25       9:00 a.m.

Wednesday            June 28       6:00 p.m.

Sunday                     July 2          8:15 a.m.



This is the day the Lord has made.

Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

~Psalm 118:24