Create in me a clean heart, O God,

                                                 and renew a right spirit within me.

                                                                             ~Psalm 51:10


Ready…Set…Rally Day, September 11 is the kick-off for the 2022-2023 Sunday School year for those children three years old – grade 6.

See you there!                          


Thank you so much to everyone who donated homemade (or otherwise) baked goods for our Election Day Bake Sales and also for all of your help and donations and support for the Vacation Bible School Ice Cream Social. These are sponsored by Ruth Circle and the proceeds go to help us support our outreach ministry in our Toledo area and in Northwest Ohio through the Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (WELCA). We also provide the Christ In Our Home magazine.

Ruth Circle meets the second Wednesday of every month from September through May at 10 a.m. in Fellowship Hall. We start with a light breakfast and fellowship followed by a meeting to discuss upcoming projects followed by a short Bible Study. This year we will be discussing the women of the Bible. Our Mission Statement is ‘To mobilize women to act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ’. We would love for any women in the congregation to join us starting September 14.  Would love to see you!

Connie Thomas/Leader

JoAnne Vernon/Treasurer

Karen Yard/ Secretary


Sunday, October 30 10:30 a.m.

Reformation Sunday this year is on October 30. Watch the weekly announcements regarding information on a special service at 10:30 a.m. that day. Grace will welcome a special guest, German desserts at Fellowship Hour, and a game with prizes at Fellowship Hour!


Operation Christmas Child

September – Erasers and/or colored pencils

You can drop off donations in the Giving Grace room

or the church office.


Fellowship Time

Thank you to all who help

September 11th – Debbie Fallon – Wendy McCall

September18th – Beth, Barb. and David Charvat


Pastor’s Thoughts:

On Sunday, we began our four week focus on Stewardship, with some thoughts from Ann Fleck and Ron Hiatt about the stewardship of time. Over the next few weeks, we will also consider the stewardship of our bodies and health, our gifts and talents, and our material resources.

This coming Sunday, we will hear from Gretchen Hiatt, Gail Livingood, and Janet Moore about the stewardship of our bodies and our health.

To be a healthy person, our bodies, our minds, and our spirits all must be nurtured and cared for each day. Eating right, getting enough rest, regular medical exams, and moving our bodies as much as we can every day supports our physical health. Finding people to connect with and to share joys and concerns with supports our mental and emotional health. Worship, reading scripture, praying, and acts of service are all ways we can support our spiritual health.

These may all seem like common sense ideas, as we know they are all vital to our overall well-being. But what happens when one aspect is neglected? When we don’t rest, our emotional health may suffer. When our emotional health suffers, we may be less inclined to tend to our spiritual health. All of these pieces of our health and wellness are linked to one another, and all need careful attention, as we live as faithful stewards of the gift of our health.

The aspect of our health that needs the most care will shift day to day. One day, we may need more rest or to care for another aspect of our bodies. Another day, we may need time with a friend or family member to sort through a tough situation. Sometimes, we need a few extra minutes with God, to shift our perspective and to be reminded of God’s grace and love. In order to know where to put our focus, we must listen carefully to our bodies, minds, and spirits … and give them the care they need to thrive.

If you haven’t had a regular medical checkup in a while, schedule one soon. If you could use a listening ear, call someone you trust—or take the time to be that ear for someone else. If you need some time with God, sit quietly for a few minutes or take some time to re-read the scripture readings we heard together in worship. These are all ways to be good stewards of your health.

We have been wondrously made by God! Intentional care for ourselves is a way to give thanks to our Creator and to help us use the gifts of our bodies and our health in ways that serve God each day.

In Christ,

Pastor Brenda


Many critics are like woodpeckers, who, instead of enjoying the fruit and shadow of a tree, hop incessantly around the trunk,

pecking holes in the bark, to discover some little worm.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Behind the scenes at Grace …by Gretchen

  1. It is definitely fall – we can hear the marching of squirrels across the roof as they enjoy their appetizer of acorns!
  2. Check out the Community Boards for opportunities to volunteer as well as community events! You do not have any excuse now to not sign up as there are containers with pens next to the boards!!
  3. The Youth Group calendar for the rest of 2022 and 2023 is posted on the Community Bulletin Boards. Check it out!
  4. Have you checked out the moving Ed-U-Board? There is information to increase your know ledge as well as fun stuff to test your knowledge! Do you know the food specialty of Ohio? Hint: origin might be Cincinnati???
  5. Still in need of empty peanut butter jars! Thanks to those who have brought some in!
  6. Remember: Grace is not the building but the people of Grace carrying out God’s Mission!


Rally Day is this Sunday! HACHOOOO!!
Flowers! HAAACHOOOO – ugh Goldenrod!

Don’t let our people with allergies sneeze their way through the services on Sunday! Please bring flowers for the Flower Cross or Gretchen will need to bring out the Goldenrod!

The Cross will travel to second service this year!

The Flower Cross has a long-standing history at Grace, but no one seems to know its origin. If you know the history of the Cross, please let Gretchen or Connie know so that it can be written down.


Healthy People! Healthy Parish!

Your Age is Unlisted! Are you working on

keeping it that way?


Move it! Move it!

The “it” is us -are we moving, or have we planted ourselves and growing great roots?? Moving is so important for all sorts of reasons but also helps in keeping our age unlisted. It does not take much – just 30 minutes a day of exercise is good!

Moving and exercise is good for:

  1. Walking and putting weight on our bones helps with osteoporosis (and men you are also a candidate for osteoporosis).
  2. Can help us to sleep and rest at night.
  3. Helps with keeping the heart healthy – lowering blood pressure.
  4. Can help with maintaining blood sugars if you have diabetes.
  5. Meeting people! If you have an exercise partner, it can be a great motivator not to skip!
  6. If you are outside exercising – getting some Vitamin D from the sun.
  7. Enjoying the outside and seeing the beauty of God and whatever addition Mother Nature has thrown in – have you seen the beautiful sunrises or if you are an owl the beautiful sunsets?
  8. What about pickle ball, dance class, yoga (even chair yoga), swimming, bicycling???
  9. Of course, exercise can also help with achieving and maintaining a healthy weight so you wear those wild clothes.

If you are not used to exercise check with your MD first and start slow! Wear good shoes, wear appropriate clothing if outside, wear sunscreen and a hat, and make sure you take your cell phone if outside.

An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day

 Henry David Thoreau



The Drill is putting all the pieces together from the class and how we will work on keeping the people at Grace safe!

The date is Thursday September 29. We are still working on the exact time, but we are shooting for 6:00 pm – this will be confirmed on 9/20 and an email will be sent out. Plan on 2 hours and yes, we will hold it to 2 hours.

A Toledo Policeman will act as the shooter, there will be a Toledo Policeman as an observer, and then there will be us.

This will not be a sitting meeting until the drill is over. We will then get together and see what went well and what we need to work on. So be prepared to move around.

Important: If you were unable to come to the first meeting you are strongly encouraged to come to the Drill especially if you are involved with any groups and/or are just interested in how we would handle the situation at Grace.

Any questions please contact Gretchen 419-944-5166.


Do you know your numbers??

Blood Pressure Checks Sunday September 18 and 25 in Classroom 3

between services!



This is the day the Lord has made.

Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

~Psalm 118:24