Praise the Lord, O my soul!

~Psalm 146:1

The 11:30 am Sunday service is back September 12, 2021!!!

Come praise God! Make a joyful noise!

Please join us in the chapel!

Praising God with our voices!

Sunday, August 29, our organist was unable to be in church.

We had the most joyful, wonderful a cappella service! Pastor Howard led us in the singing and people sang with so much joy and praise – it was wonderful to hear. Very uplifting!

Thank you all, for understanding, and being open to doing things differently!

Thank you for joining in the singing!

Oh sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things! 

~Psalm 98:1

There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy

If you missed Pastor’s sermon Sunday, August 29, 2021 – tune in to our recording. It can be found at the bottom of the Grace Webpage. Gracelutherantoledo.org

In the hymn, the third verse speaks of  “For the love of God is broader than the measures of our mind – the heart of the Eternal is most wonderfully kind. But we make this love too narrow by false limits of our own – and we magnify its strictness with a zeal God will not own.” Think about that! How much God loves us! We often judge ourselves much more harshly that He does. God loves us as we are.


 Get ready….Rally Day is on its way….coming to Grace, Sunday September 12,

 the kick-off for the Sunday School 2021-2022 year. See you then!

The return of fellowship hour!!!!!

Our fellowship hour will begin again on Sunday, September 12th. We hope to have everyone join us after the 9:30 service and before the 11:30 service. Thank you to the following members who have offered to hostess for the month of    September.

September 12 – Sue Wagner and Sue Melchert

September 19 – Cindy Wood and Mary Schneider

September 26 – Debbie Downs and Grace Peterson.

Behind the scenes at Grace ….by Gretchen

  1. Fall is on the way – the acorns are falling like crazy from the oak trees around the office. The squirrels are busy gathering but please watch as you walk into church as they are great ankle twisters if you are not careful.
  2. With Pastor humming the correct key to get us started and a boost from David O’Brien the Congregation did really great singing a cappella – you could actually hear people sing! Debby and the music of the organ was missed but we could hear people sing.
  3. Another reminder for your calendar! We will have the Flower Cross on Sunday September 12 Rally Day. Please save people from sneezing and the sniffles by bringing in your beautiful garden flowers or Gretchen will be bringing in the Goldenrod.
  4. There was a great gathering this last Saturday – not just the Panera bagels but the class on how to use the “Loving Monster” TV. A written instruction sheet will be available in the very near future.
  5. Remember: Grace is not the building but the people of Grace!
An update from David Charvat…………

I know most of us are anxious to move forward with our life together at Grace by calling our next pastor. This past week I was in contact with our synod liaison for the call to check the status of what is going on.

Here is what we need to know –

There are many other congregations in NW Ohio are in the same boat. Currently over 30 congregations just in the Northwest Ohio Synod in need of a pastor who are in some point in their own call process.

Within the past couple of weeks three Pastors were interviewed by volunteers and synod staff for placement at a parish in our synod. Unfortunately for Grace, all three are seeking compensation packages well in excess of what Grace stated we were looking to pay. Grace is not the only congregation in NW Ohio facing this issue. I was informed those individuals seeking a different congregation were experienced Pastors from other areas of the country such as the West Coast. Those Pastors will require full family medical coverage and I presume are looking for compensation that aligned with the higher pay levels received out west. The combination of those factors take what they are seeking well beyond what we have historically paid our Pastors at Grace.

For those unfamiliar with how Pastors are compensated, all the congregations in NW Ohio get together and develop minimum compensation guidelines that are voted upon every other year at the Synod Assembly. These guidelines are based on number of years of ministry along with a housing allowance based on the housing market near the parish. Grace has historically paid our Pastors at or even below the minimum standards established for ELCA Pastors receive in our community.

According to another source only 10 individuals entered the seminary at Capital this fall looking to become ordained pastors serving congregational ministry. It will be several years before any of those individuals are ordained. Thus the shortage of pastors is a long term issue for all congregations to be aware.

On the plus side Grace is considered a high priority for the synod in obtaining a Pastor as soon as individuals appearing to match our profile are identified.

In the mean time we the people of Grace should:

  • Continue to Pray for the Holy Spirit to match us with a Pastor looking to serve a different congregation
  • Thank God that we have a Pastor at Grace. While Pastor Howard has an Interim tag,  we are able to able to function, plan, and operate Grace in exactly the same manner as if our current Pastor was “Called”
  • Look to new ways to get involved in God’s ministry.  A healthy congregation listens to the Holy Spirit and charts their own course directly.  There is much harm if we simply wait for a Called Minister to tell us what we know in our hearts we could be doing.
  • Keep our eyes and ears open to identifying Pastors that we see as a potential fit for Grace and encourage him/her to inquire about coming to Grace.  We can control this process ourselves. While we can’t place a “help wanted” sign ourselves we can certainly get the word to Pastors for whom the Holy Spirit has visited about changing congregations for them to consider Grace.
  • If you are not already tithing in your contributions to Grace please take steps to do so.  The laws of Supply and Demand tell us that congregations who are    financially strong and can afford to pay their Pastors a little more, benefit from a larger supply of those who would be interested in serving those congregations. One Biblical basis for tithing was for those who were called to full time service of God’s temple to be able have their needs for food, clothing and   shelter met without the need to work outside the church to meet those needs.  Being able to pay a little more or add other financial benefits to the overall compensation package will make us a more attractive employer for Pastors looking for a new congregation to serve.

David Charvat

Council President

September is National Sepsis Month

So, what is sepsis? It is the body’s extreme response to an infection. It is a life-threatening emergency. Sepsis happens when an infection you already have triggers a chain reaction throughout the body. Infections that lead to sepsis most often start in the lung urinary tract, skin or gastrointestinal tract. Without timely treatment sepsis can lead to tissue damage, failure of important organs like the kidney and even death. There was a recent 60 Minutes program on a football player who suffered a severe open to the air break of a lower leg. He became septic due to a skin infection that entered the skin to be from what they think was the Astro turf. They were thinking about amputating his leg but due to immediate treatment he survived without the amputation but underwent long hospitalizations and multiple surgeries. He survived sepsis.

What causes Sepsis?

Infections that are not stopped can cause sepsis. Bacterial infections cause the most cases of sepsis, but it can also come from other viral infections like Covid.

Sepsis is not contagious but the infection that led to it can be.

How can I get ahead of sepsis?

  1. Prevent infections. Take good care of chronic conditions like diabetes, lung and kidney disease. Just taking good care of ourselves so that we are in top condition.
  2. Practice good hygiene. WASH YOUR HANDS! Clean cuts and keep covered until healed.
  3. Signs and symptoms. Fever, shivering or just feeling cold. Confusion or disorientation. Shortness of breath. Extreme pain or discomfort. Clammy or sweaty skin. * A healthcare professional needs to confirm as these signs and symptoms also may be another medical condition.
  4. ACT FAST – If you or your loved one has an infection that is not getting better or is getting worse get medical care immediately – call your MD, report to the nearest emergency center and /or 911 .

***If you are being treated for an infection with antibiotics it is very important that you take as directed and even though you may be feeling better DO NOT stop taking without talking with the MD who prescribed it. As the antibiotic is starting to work you feel better but in order to treat the infection you need to take the antibiotic for the number of doses ordered.


Grace Blood Drive!!

A minimum of 3 people are helped with each unit of blood given! Please donate if you can!

We want to fill up all the appointments on October 15 and help 100 plus people!

Sign up on the Red Cross website for Grace. If any questions, please contact Gretchen Hiatt 419-944-5166 or gretchensue1205@gmail.com.


How are your communication skills?

Do you:

Frequently interrupt the person talking.

Make up your response before the speaker is finished?

Check your phone constantly?

Wish the other person would stop talking so you can speak?

Nod your head but not have a clue as to what you are nodding agreement to?

Surviving is Important. Thriving is Elegant (Unknown Author)

A loving word in the early morning – brightens the heart all day long (Unknown Author)

Be Kind – there are so many mean people, be kind


This is the day the Lord has made.

Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

~Psalm 118:24